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Talent Selection and Promotion

Business need:



Our validated assessments provide you with useful, clear information about people’s talents, strengths, and weaknesses.  Whether hiring hourly employees or filling an executive position, using this information greatly increases your chances of making the right decisions.


Return on investment


Our testing systems give you better employees.  Employees who sell more, are more proficient, and who are better decision makers.  This results in a measurable, positive impact on the bottom line. 


Validated Systems


We validate each testing system for your organization.  This is a necessary component of any testing system to ensure accuracy and adherence to regulatory guidelines. 


Customized Systems


Testing systems can range from having mostly “off the shelf” tests to “fully customized” tests owned by your organization.  It all depends on your needs.  Contact us to further discuss your needs. 


Web-based Testing


Testing for all but a few types of jobs (e.g., senior leaders) can be online.  This makes it much easier for organizations with a national and even international footprint to utilize testing. 


Hire and promote the right people

Validated assessments of job skills

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