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Assessment for Development

Assessments can be used for “Talent Selection and Promotion” and for developing people’s skills.  Sometimes, we work with candidates right after they have been hired to communicate key assessment findings and developmental suggestions.  Other times, we work with longer-tenured professionals and leaders to develop their skills. 


When the purpose of the assessment is to develop someone’s skills, we work with you to identify the areas that need to be evaluated.  We then assess these areas and communicate the results to the individual in an in-depth feedback session, custom-written report, or both.  This creates a clear road map for development. 


Assessment Components


Logical thinking tests, personality inventories, 360-feedback, and simulations are all utilized in our assessment batteries.  This yields a comprehensive evaluation of the person’s current skill levels, strengths, and developmental needs.


Feedback session


One of the most valuable components is a one-on-one feedback session where we communicate the results to the individual.  Utilizing an open dialogue format where we leverage our expertise along with the insights of the individual, we ensure accurate understanding of the results.  This creates a powerful foundation for using the results to enhance skills.


Development Report


We can write a customized feedback report, integrating all assessment information.  This confidential report is provided to the organization.  The “developmental suggestions” section can be provided to the individual when appropriate.  Click here for an example


Integrated with other training and developmental activities


Our assessments can be integrated with your existing training and developmental programs to ensure maximum use and fit. 

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