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Select the best


All of our testing systems start with you telling us about what makes a person successful.  We then leverage this with our knowledge of what types of tests will give you these people.  We also help you design an entire selection process that helps you manage applicants from start to hire. 


A typical hourly selection process involves many of the following components, and we can help manage any and all of these:


  • Identify minimum qualifications and key success factors

  • Initial screening, often online, to narrow down applicants

  • Follow up interview questions to further assess strengths and weaknesses

  • Decision models to identify top candidates


Test for all types of jobs


From production workers to call center employees, we have set up systems that have helped organizations maximize performance of their hourly workforces.  A sample of industries includes:


  • Service Employees

  • Sales Employees

  • Administrative

  • Customer Service

  • Production / Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

  • Retail service & sales

  • Banking

  • Hospitality

  • Gaming


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