We are a full service talent management consulting firm with over 35 years of experience serving local, national, and international clients.  By utilizing cutting edge approaches, we help organizations achieve a distinct human capital advantage.


Our Philosophy


Information is power.  With better information about people, better decisions get made.  Decisions about who to hire and promote, retain and develop, and how to motivate them. 


Scientific assessment of job-related skills is at the core of many things we do, especially when it comes to making decisions about people.  By providing this information to our clients, we help them hire workforces who sell more, select and promote leaders who run more profitable business units, and identify high potential people in the company.  From entry level to the C-suite, we customize assessment processes to ensure that your people are distinctively superior.  


Once people are on board, the next challenges involve motivating, developing, and retaining them.  As organizational psychologists, we deploy our unique understanding of people to help organizations achieve these goals.  Sometimes it’s as simple as streaming information about increased productivity to encourage front line employees.  Other times, it may be offering a targeted workshop on interpersonal presence to mid-level managers to keep them motivated. 


With offerings anchored by four decades of success and a research base of thousands of talent assessment profiles, we help clients realize a real people advantage.




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