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Professional, Supervisory & Managerial

Whether you are evaluating external applicants or a pool of qualified internal employees, our assessments for professionals, supervisors, and managers evaluate candidates on the key skills and abilities that are needed for success in these types of roles. 


Selecting Professional Individual Contributors


Professional, degreed individual contributors play a vital role in organizations.  Assessments for these types of roles help you ensure that these people will demonstrate appropriate levels of technical proficiency, professionalism, and motivation.


Selecting and Promoting Supervisors/Managers


We have all seen superstar individual contributors who do not make good leaders.  This because the attributes that make good individual contributors can often be very different from ones that make good leaders.  For most leadership roles, you need candidates who are:


  • Appropriately Assertive

  • Diplomatic

  • Willing to manage performance of others

  • Logical thinkers and decision makers



Let us help you identify the people who will effectively lead your organizations. 


Web Assessments


For many first-tier supervisory and management positions, web testing offers a feasible, cost effective approach.  This is especially true for companies with a large geographical footprint.


We have created highly robust assessments for these types of jobs and can evaluate the unique attributes that are important for supervisors and leaders in your organization.  The summary report provides an abbreviated, concise snapshot of the key outcomes. 


Click here for a sample report

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