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Custom Selection Systems

Sometimes, an organization’s needs are so specific that it requires us building assessments from the ground up.  For example, if you are hiring high end wait staff and need to evaluate whether candidates know the difference between sparkling wine and champagne, then a custom-built interview or multiple choice test might be the best approach.


Or, an organization may simply need to “own” all of the testing processes and avoid “per use” costs for tests. 


Evaluate unique attributes


Whatever the case, our specialized expertise in test development allows us to custom build assessments to fit your needs.  Some examples include:


  • Work sample test for demonstrating industrial crane signals

  • Multiple choice test measuring knowledge of appropriate firefighting practices

  • Leadership simulation focusing on first tier management

  • Structured interview measuring knowledge of wine and spirits

  • Behavioral interview evaluating gaming industry customer service skills

  • Decision making formula with weights for tests and interviews

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