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Assessment Centers

Assessment Center is the name we give to a special assessment service that we can provide when a company has several candidates to assess at the same time.  It is an all-day assessment that comprehensively evaluates leadership and professional skills.  In addition to testing for key attributes and motivations, we utilize both individual and group simulations that evaluate higher order leadership skills such as influencing and relationship building. 


Some of the attributes measured


  • Decisiveness

  • Judgment/Decision Making

  • Problem Recognition/Analysis

  • Coaching & Development

  • Persuasion & Influence

  • Speaking Skills

  • Relationship Building Skills

  • Customer Service Orientation

  • Response to Confrontation

  • Performance Management Skills


Conducted in Memphis or a location of choice


We conduct assessment centers in our facility that has been especially designed for assessment centers.  We can also conduct them onsite at your organization, or at other locations of your choosing.  Clients often find that holding assessment centers at our offices is a convenient and cost-effective way to evaluate candidates.  Memphis is centrally located with a major international airport not far from our location.


Use for selection or development


Our assessment centers are valuable whether an employer is making hiring decisions, identifying the best internal candidate for promotion, or developing the leadership skills of existing employees.  In each case, we provide a comprehensive written report on the candidates and, when appropriate for leadership development, an individual development plan for the person.  We also offer assistance in implementing individual development plans.


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